sex toy storage

Beginning my career as a sex and relationships author, I've faced an interesting issue. It's a beneficial issue, indeed, but it does pose some difficulties: How should I manage this abundance of sex toys?

Prior to delving into the world of sex education, my collection consisted of only a handful of vibrators, roughly four or five. They were conveniently stashed in a small, charming box on my nightstand. However, just a few weeks into my role, I found myself needing a larger storage space. A few months down the line, this cube is now overflowing and is horribly cluttered. The desire to segregate the G-spot vibrators from the clitoral stimulators, neatly organize the lube bottles, and determine a method for handling numerous charging cords adds to the quandary. What am I supposed to do now?

Sex Toy Storage 101

The key principle for sex toy storage is this: cleanliness is paramount. A sex toy must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing it.

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