'Hope Sex Will Be Acknowledged as a Sport:' Sweden Hosts the Inaugural Sex Championship with Matches Lasting 45-60 Minutes

The pioneering Sex Championship is slated to be held in Sweden, a country that has classified sex as a sport, early next week. Dubbed the 'European Sex Championship', the event is planned for June 8, under the oversight of the Swedish Sex Federation.

Over several weeks, participants will vie for honours, engaging in six-hour daily competitions. Each individual 'match' is projected to span 45 to 60 minutes. Competitors from various European countries will participate, pitting their skills and prowess against each other across 16 distinct disciplines.

Participants Poised to Earn 5-10 Points for Diverse Sex Acts

On display will be a broad spectrum of disciplines, including seduction, body massages, the exploration of erotic zones, foreplay, oral sex, penetration, endurance, physical appearance, pose execution, creativity in position changes, and the number of orgasms within a set time. Artistic performance, pose

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