1. Cock Rings: Functions, Benefits, and Safety

    dingfoo cock ring

    Cock rings are worn around the penis, usually at the base. Some types encircle the glans or testicles. Their primary function is restricting blood flow away from the penis by applying gentle pressure. This traps blood inside the erect penis, which may make it feel harder, look slightly larger and redder.

    Potential benefits of wearing a cock ring include:

    • Harder erections from increased blood engorgement
    • Enhanced size and firmness
    • More intense penile sensations
    • Prolonged erections
    • Increased stimulation for one's partner

    Cock rings can aid those with erectile dysfunction like venous leakage, where penile tissues fail to properly retain blood flow. Rings may also help those with performance anxiety maintain erections.

    However, cock rings carry some risks if used improperly. Those with blood or nerve disorders, or on blood thinners, should consult a physician first. Important safety tips include:

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    • Penis Pumps & Penis Enhancers

      Penis Pumps & Penis Enhancers

      The Purpose Of A Penis Pump

      Typically plastic constructions, penis pumps incorporate manual/motorized pumping mechanisms engendering penile suction. The resultant vacuum effect engorges the penis with blood. When augmented with penis rings, they can treat erectile dysfunction by retaining intra-penile blood until ejaculation.

      Diabetes, prostate cancer, injuries, or pharmacological side effects may precipitate erectile dysfunction via impaired penile blood flow/nervation. As vacuum erection devices, penis pumps effectively treat hematological conditions including sickle cell anemia, leukemia, and coagulopathies. Indeed, most erectile dysfunction proves treatable, commonly via improved penile circulation, encompassing these vacuum devices.

      Beyond erectile dysfunction, penis pumps also treat Peyronie's disease, although pumps may cause pain for these patients, mandating physician consultation.

      Although some utilize penis pumps for penile enlargement, gains

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      It’s finally time. You bought a brand new cock cage, and you’re ready to give chastity play a try. Only the cage arrives looking like one of those mind game puzzles with zero instructions, and you’re left feeling like being chaste requires a cryptic adventure to even try it. So let me help: let’s go over how to put on a chastity cage with most of the common ball trap device styles.

      (Ball-trap cock cages are the most common type of cage. They have a large ring at the base that fastens underneath the heft of the testicles with a protruding shaft cage that contains the shaft of the penis. They do not have any belt or harness that wraps around the hips.)

      So let’s do it. Let’s talk about how to put on a chastity cage:

      cock cage

      Step 1: Know How Your Cage Works

      Learning how your chastity cage fits together while simultaneously

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    • How to Use Butt Plugs 2023

      How to Use Butt Plugs 2023

      Butt plugs, rapidly emerging as a prominent trend in adult toys, offer both intimidation and fascination for newcomers. Once properly understood and utilized, butt plugs are recognized by many as pleasurable additions to sexual experiences. The anus, being a highly sensitive erogenous zone, can be stimulated to heighten pleasure for both men and women. Whether integrated intermittently during sexual activities or for sustained sensations during personal exploration, butt plugs offer diverse applications. This guide aims to assist those new to butt plugs in their journey towards safe and gradual acclimation to anal penetration, thus opening doors to a new dimension of sensual enjoyment.

      How to Use Butt Plugs 2023

      Butt plugs cater to a broad spectrum of users, encompassing both genders and various sexual orientations. The four basic categories

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    • Fleshlights 101: What Do You Need to Know

      What You Need to Know

      The inception of the Fleshlight was motivated primarily by a dual goal: to ensure unmatched discretion and to offer an unparalleled simulation of sexual sensations within the realm of devices designed for penile stimulation. The creator's relentless experimentation and persistent efforts resulted in the successful accomplishment of these objectives. The Fleshlight, a pioneer in its field, was the first mass-produced synthetic vagina capable of mimicking genuine sexual sensations. Its distinctive design featured a durable exterior casing cleverly shaped like an ordinary flashlight, further adding to its uniqueness.


      In the aftermath of its initial introduction, the original design of the Fleshlight underwent numerous modifications and enhancements. The company introduced new sleeve designs with the intent

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    • How to Use a Dingfoo's Penis Pump

      Dingfoo's Penis Pump

      Penis pumps, popularized by mainstream culture references such as Austin Powers, represent a legitimate and practical tool in certain circumstances. Yet, it's crucial to set realistic expectations from the onset. For instance, hoping for a two-inch increase in penis size might set you up for disappointment.

      In the ensuing discussion, we will demystify what a penis pump is, the procedure for using it, potential benefits, and any associated risks.


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      Vibrators, crowned as the most popular type of sex toys, offer a myriad of unique experiences. They interact with the body in interesting ways, eliciting sensations that vary greatly from toy to toy. However, these experiences may sometimes induce numbness, leaving users to wonder about the mechanics behind these toys. What role does the design play in shaping these sensations? Let's unravel these curiosities, peeling back the layers of design and technology in the world of vibrators.


      1. Diversity in Creation: Why All Vibrators are Not Created Equal
      2. Quality Over Strength: The Deceptive Nature of Vibrations
      3. The Body's Symphony: Specific Nerve Endings for Vibrations
      4. Unearthing the Secrets: The Clitoris and its Internal Nerve Endings
      5. The Dual Requirement: Stimulating the G-Spot with Vibrations and Pressure
      6. The "Escalation of Force": The Result of High Frequency Vibrations
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    • Sex Toy Storage 101, According To Sex Experts Who Have Way Too Many

      sex toy storage

      Beginning my career as a sex and relationships author, I've faced an interesting issue. It's a beneficial issue, indeed, but it does pose some difficulties: How should I manage this abundance of sex toys?

      Prior to delving into the world of sex education, my collection consisted of only a handful of vibrators, roughly four or five. They were conveniently stashed in a small, charming box on my nightstand. However, just a few weeks into my role, I found myself needing a larger storage space. A few months down the line, this cube is now overflowing and is horribly cluttered. The desire to segregate the G-spot vibrators from the clitoral stimulators, neatly organize the lube bottles, and determine a method for handling numerous charging cords adds to the quandary. What am I supposed to do now?

      Sex Toy Storage 101

      The key principle for sex toy storage is this: cleanliness is paramount. A sex toy must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing it.

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    • Do Penis Pumps Work? Functionality and Expectations

      Do Penis Pumps Work? Functionality and Expectations

      Penis pumps, alternatively referred to as vacuum erection devices (VED), are designed to enhance blood circulation within the penis, aiding in the attainment or maintenance of an erection. However, it's crucial to understand that these devices cannot permanently increase penis length.

      Creating a vacuum that promotes blood circulation in the penis is at the core of a penis pump's functionality. This process aids users in sustaining or achieving an erection.

      We aim to shed light on the workings and efficacy of penis pumps by exploring the scientific principles that govern their operation.

      The Nature of a Penis Pump

      In simple terms, a penis pump is a non-surgical tool that uses negative pressure to stimulate blood flow into the penile vessels. These tools, also referred to as vacuum erection devices (VEDs), can employ air or water to generate this pressure. This increase in blood flow facilitates

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    • Understanding the Benefits of Penis Rings: Elevating Your Sexual Experience

      Understanding the Benefits of Penis Rings: Elevating Your Sexual Experience

      Erections, often fickle in nature, can lead to common frustrations among those who possess a penis, hereafter referred to as "men" for simplicity. Premature ejaculation and difficulty in maintaining erections are the most prevalent concerns. This is where penis rings, also known as cock rings, come into play. These affordable, reusable, and simple devices can help rectify many of the issues men encounter with their penises.

      Given the influx of inquiries regarding penis or cock rings, this article aims to clarify your most frequently asked questions.

      What is a penis ring?

      Penis rings come in various types, with the silicone penis ring being the most commonly found. These flexible wonders are designed to be placed:

      A) At the base of your penis

      B) Behind the testicles.

      Upon wearing a penis ring, you'll observe a few immediate advantages such

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