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Beginning my career as a sex and relationships author, I've faced an interesting issue. It's a beneficial issue, indeed, but it does pose some difficulties: How should I manage this abundance of sex toys?

Prior to delving into the world of sex education, my collection consisted of only a handful of vibrators, roughly four or five. They were conveniently stashed in a small, charming box on my nightstand. However, just a few weeks into my role, I found myself needing a larger storage space. A few months down the line, this cube is now overflowing and is horribly cluttered. The desire to segregate the G-spot vibrators from the clitoral stimulators, neatly organize the lube bottles, and determine a method for handling numerous charging cords adds to the quandary. What am I supposed to do now?

Sex Toy Storage 101

The key principle for sex toy storage is this: cleanliness is paramount. A sex toy must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing it. If a toy is put away dirty, or even slightly damp from cleaning, it invites bacterial growth, potentially leading to skin irritations, product malfunctions, or infections upon next use.

Effective sex toy storage solutions should ensure a toy remains clean during non-use periods. Whether it's a bullet vibrator, a dildo, or anal beads, casually tossing a sex toy into your bedside drawer, or hiding it under your pillow can expose it to bacteria and airborne contaminants. You definitely want to avoid that!

A good storage option, be it a cloth bag or a storage box, should ideally be discreet, easily accessible, and provide adequate space for the toy and any associated items that might need storing.

Estimating the Required Storage Capacity

Before investing in storage for your sex toy collection, a practical measure of your collection is crucial. You should verify the length of each toy, as many storage solutions can only accommodate toys up to 7 or 8 inches long.

In addition to the toys themselves, remember to consider storage for related accessories; items such as lubricants, condoms, toy cleaners, chargers, etc., all should have designated spots in your chosen storage setup. Lastly, always consider future additions to your collection and opt for a storage solution that allows room for growth.

Storing Sex Toys in Bags

The strategies to store sex toys are as diverse as the types of toys themselves. For most individuals, a storage bag will suffice. Bags offer the flexibility needed to store irregularly shaped toys, like rabbit-style vibrators with their protruding elements, and are also perfect for travel.

We're not suggesting a simple plastic bag, which could cause bacterial build-up due to lack of ventilation. Drawstring bags made of cotton or polyester are a cost-effective and practical choice. Additionally, certain storage bags like the Sugar Sak, specifically designed for sex toys, feature a special interior lining that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, mildew, and viruses.

Dedicated Sex Toy Storage Boxes

Replace your sock drawer with a devoted storage box, which is more suited to those with extensive toy collections, and for those wishing to consolidate items like lube, condoms, and chargers. Conventional plastic storage bins serve this purpose well, but it is suggested to keep each toy in its own separate pouch to prevent material degradation that can happen when toys mix.

Keep in mind that specialty toy storage boxes are also available! Look out for features like antimicrobial interior coatings, removable or adjustable compartments for varying sizes and shapes of toys, and USB ports for charging toys when they are not in use. If privacy is a concern for you, opt for a box with a locking mechanism.

Outside-the-Box Sex Toy Storage Options

Storage pouches and boxes are undoubtedly the most popular methods for organizing sex toys, but a variety of innovative options exist. For those who anticipate continual growth in their toy collection, alternatives like stackable bins with lidded fronts for easy accessibility are worth considering.

For those willing to invest in comprehensive storage solutions, furniture that doubles as a toy stash—such as benches or ottomans—may be ideal. This approach is particularly useful for accommodating larger items such as bondage kits, absorbent blankets, or wedge pillows.

Regardless of whether your collection comprises a single silicone item, multiple metal toys, or a prized glass toy, maintaining a clean, dedicated storage space is the best strategy for safeguarding your investment, regardless of its size.

To garner insights on organization, I consulted fellow sexuality professionals, such as sex writers, educators, workers, and researchers, as well as individuals with ample collections. Their tried-and-tested methods offer valuable guidance for organizing any toy collection, irrespective of its size.

There are countless ways to tackle sex toy organization, but one non-negotiable factor remains: safety. Dulcinea Pitagora, a renowned sex therapist, emphasizes the importance of thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting, and drying toys, and conditioning them if leather, prior to storage. Proper maintenance can prevent toys from degrading and becoming unsafe over time.

What follows are eight practical strategies employed by individuals to keep their collections organized and ready for use.

Utilizing Original Packaging

It is advisable to invest in toys that come with high-quality storage provisions, such as silk bags or robust packaging. For instance, the chic black boxes accompanying toys from Tracy's Dog make for excellent stackable storage.

"While receiving sex toys for trial is exciting, establishing a robust storage system can be challenging. The most practical approach I have found, especially for high-quality sex toys, is to retain the original storage. Thus, even if toys end up in a drawer, they remain in individual bags, protected from dust and bacterial accumulation that can occur when multiple toys are stored together."

- Tiffany Curtis, Sex Educator

Utilization of Shelves or Drawers

"As a sex toy reviewer, I have amassed more than 300 sex toys. I store them in various drawers, some plastic, some metal, and I also display certain items on hooks or windowsills. Although smaller than a dresser or filing cabinet, these storage units are spacious enough for the job. To give you an idea, the primary unit I'm currently using doubles as my nightstand."

- Kate, Sex Writer

Under-Bed Storage and Closet Shelves

"I employ long boxes designed for under-bed shoe storage for my toys. These boxes are ideal for storing toys separately and visibly without them touching each other, which is unhygienic. Furthermore, any toy that doesn't come with a travel bag or case is a deal-breaker for me."

- Gigi Engle, Certified Sex Coach, Sexologist, and Author of All The Fucking Mistakes

Decorative Storage Boxes

"I keep my six favorite toys in my bedside table, a box in my closet, and another box in my closet for unused toys (since I review sex toys, I have received many) waiting to be given away."

- Rachel Lewis, Writer and Editor

Soft Pouches for Storage

"I prefer soft pouches for storing hard plastic or crystal toys (like Chakrubs). For silicone-based toys, I use a small plastic bin to keep them dust-free. As an organizer (thanks to my Virgo stellium), I also maintain a separate bin for BDSM toys, rope, and strap-on harnesses. These bins are stored away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry, and dark location."

- Danie Crofoot, Full Spectrum Doula, Sex Educator, Childbirth Educator, & Energy Worker

Display Shelves for Storage

"When I was single, I would segregate sex toys into different storage containers and spread them throughout my room. The goal was to introduce dates to toys by theme (foreplay, bondage, impact play, etc.). The foreplay items and beginner toys were kept in my nightstand for convenience. Now, my partner and I sort through our favorites, and some even hang on my walls for display."

- Melissa A. Vitale, Publicist

Organza Bags for Storage

"My collection consists mostly of high-quality silicone toys, along with other hard materials like metal, ceramic, and stone. I try to store silicone toys on separate shelves, but I'm not worried about mixing them up when necessary. The real concern is low-quality silicone, silicone blends, and various soft plastics; these materials will degrade if stored together. After cleaning, I store small items like cock rings and nipple clamps in small organza bags for easy use and transportation."

- Rhube Knox, Sex Worker, Sex Educator, & Doula

UVee Unit for Storage and Cleaning

A UVee unit, a revolutionary invention that sanitizes 99% of bacteria and includes USB ports for simultaneous charging and cleaning, deserves special mention.

"I have a 'main box', an overflow suitcase of seldom-used items, and a UVee unit, which has significantly improved my life. Additionally, I maintain a small box of unopened sample products, which come in handy when I'm out of gift ideas for my friends."

- Emily Lavinia, Content Consultant and Lifestyle Blogger