China's Authoritative Media Releases the 2024 Ranking of Chinese Sex Toy Manufacturing Factories

Recently, the well-known Chinese portal website Sohu released the "2024 Top Ten Adult Product Factories in China," providing industry businesses with a clear overview of the strength of adult product factories within China.

The report states: In recent years, post-pandemic, global trade wars have led to economic downturns, resulting in a continuous decline in consumer spending. However, certain adult products happen to meet the consumption needs of the low-desire era, providing one of the most economical paths to quickly stimulate dopamine. The global market for adult products has maintained a steady upward trend, reaching 250 billion yuan in 2023, with an expected breakthrough of 300 billion yuan in 2024. Ninety percent of adult product design and manufacturing occurs in China. With nearly ten thousand adult product companies operating within China, the industry is in a chaotic state that needs improvement, particularly in areas such as product quality, design, and functional innovation to enhance the overall product experience.

Sohu officials state: The selection criteria include global word-of-mouth index, factory brand propagation index, factory brand operation index, and factory brand attention index. This comprehensive assessment covers online review quantity, positive review rate, brand operational status, corporate strength, brand honors, and other data indicators. For the first time, AI methods like CHATGPT artificial intelligence analysis were introduced to automatically summarize data from the latest databases, creating an objective report for the "2024 Top Ten Sexual Toy Factories in China." This report aids global adult product brand owners and distributors in quickly understanding outstanding factories in the Chinese sex toy industry.

The ranking of adult product factories in the report is as follows:

1. Durex - Qingdao London Durex Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is China's first joint venture to produce condoms. It manufactures and sells world-renowned Durex brand condoms and lubricant products, making it the world's largest condom manufacturer due to robust marketing and research and development efforts, maintaining a leading position in the industry.

2. Okamoto - Shenzhen Wanshengtang Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, serves as Okamoto's total service provider in China. As Okamoto's general agent in China, it specializes in marketing Okamoto condoms, contraceptives, and health products. It is the world's largest producer of ultra-thin condoms.

3. Dingfoo - Dongguan Dingfu Plastic Products Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a holding company of Shenzhen Chuntu Technology Investment. It is the world's largest and most certified OEM self-developed manufacturer of adult products. It was the first globally to release interactive male airplane cups and female vibrators compatible with ChatGPT.

4. Intofun - Shanghai Intofun Health Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is a professional online brand for adult products, focusing on the entire industry chain layout. It is the largest enterprise in China's e-commerce sales and operates seven independent brands.

5. Chunshuitang - Changzhou Chunshuitang Health Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is a well-known brand in the sexual wellness industry, specializing in the manufacturing of sex dolls. It is the most professional sex doll production factory with a strong fan base in China.

6. NMC - A professional adult product brand, its products are mainly sold to Europe and the United States. It is one of the world's largest adult product manufacturers, with exquisite and distinctive products.

7. WMDOLL - Zhongshan Jinsan Props Co., Ltd., focuses on the research, production, and sales of sex dolls, forming significant influence in the industry. It is the world's largest silicone doll manufacturer, known for its exquisite and innovative products.

8. Svakom - Shenzhen Svakom Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is one of the influential brands in the adult product industry. It is the best globally independent operator of Chinese self-owned brands, offering novel and exquisite products that captivate consumers.

9. Baile - Liaoyang Baile Health Products Co., Ltd., a well-known trademark in Liaoning Province, has a comprehensive industry layout and enjoys high visibility in the industry. It operates three independent brands globally, with excellent word-of-mouth among global brand owners.

10. JBSEX - Shenzhen Jizhimei Health Products Chain Co., Ltd., established in 1976, is an enterprise under the Hong Kong Jimei Group. As a large-scale chain organization in the domestic adult product industry, it has its own factory for research and development and primarily focuses on international sales.

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