You Deserve to Get Pumped and Licked

My Review of the Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen by CalExotics

After much curiosity, I decided to try a pussy pump as I anticipated the stimulating suction it would produce. It also intrigued me to see how the pump would make my lips puff up. Furthermore, I knew it would increase my sensitivity. It was time to get pumped.

What I did not expect was the creation of an innovative hybrid toy by sex scientists - a pussy pump with a mechanical tongue. The pump encloses the entire vulva, requiring a tight seal for suction, preventing any external rubbing, stroking or pleasuring. However, the inbuilt tongue within the pump allows simultaneous pumping and licking, leading to an incredible sensation. It's a fantastic idea, and I have not returned to a regular pump since.

Although I should try a straightforward pump to see what it's like, the inbuilt tongue is too enjoyable to give up. The Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen by CalExotics comes with a white, egg-shaped body and a row of buttons lining the front, including two transparent cups with different shapes and sizes that cater for individual body types. There is also a white tongue that can lap and vibrate with six different settings, providing various options for stimulation and pleasure.

In summary, the Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen by CalExotics is an impressive and exciting addition to the world of sex toys. It offers users a unique and pleasurable experience by combining pumping and licking, making it an excellent choice for those looking for new and intense sensations.

Pump, Lick, and Come

The Smart Pleasure Queen has an egg-shaped, white body with buttons lining the front. It comes with two transparent cups that have slightly different shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the cup that best fits your body. The white tongue licks back and forth, vibrating with six different settings. However, it wasn't the tongue that stood out to me when I used it - it was the suction. The toy pumped my pussy harder than usual. This powerful suction was visually satisfying, pulling my vulva into the cup and making it look like it was throbbing heavily.

Although it got too intense for my liking at times, there are six settings, and the lowest one felt really good, so I didn't bother with the other ones. However, I struggled with the buttons because they were easy to reach and press, but not very intuitive. I occasionally turned up the pump when I meant to adjust the tongue or pressed the release button and messed up the suction. I had to stop pleasuring myself and study the instructions. That mid-masturbation interruption wasn't ideal, but it was worth it because I had some real fun with it once I got a hang of the buttons.

I found the right setting and let the toy pump me at a satisfying rhythm. The soft suction made me aroused, engorged, and ready for more stimulation, so I turned on the tongue to see what the toy could do. The pump was powerful enough to hold the toy in place without me touching it, and as long as I didn't break the seal by moving too much, I could go hands-free, and the intense pull made my pussy even more sensitive than I expected it to be. That made every lick and vibration from the tongue extra stimulating.

The Queen pump is not a gentle pussy licker - the tongue is firm, moving at a fast speed - but it all worked really well together. The pump tugged on my lips and pulled them closer to the mechanical tongue. That fast tongue flicked against my highly sensitive clit while the vibrations pushed my pleasure even further. It doesn't usually take much sucking and licking to bring me to a climax, and this time it took even less. The orgasm came fast, and I came hard, holding my hand firm around the toy to make sure the seal held until it finished me off properly.

Treat Your Clit Like Royalty with the Smart Pleasure Queen

An oral sex simulator that pumps your pussy is a concept worth exploring, and the Smart Pleasure Queen provides ample proof of its potential. This compact toy is easy to hold, and the hands-free option is a nice touch. Its variable tongue and pump settings offer a range of stimulation options, provided you figure out the buttons first.

However, the only drawback for me is the intensity. While it's perfect for those who prefer powerful suction and a firm tonguing, I prefer something gentler and less forceful most of the time. The Queen seems designed for those who like their toys with more intensity, which is not my preference. Despite this, the Queen is still a welcome addition to my collection, though it won't overtake my favorite pump anytime soon. If you're searching for a toy that can aggressively pump and lick your pussy, then the Smart Pleasure Queen is the one for you!


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