Penis Pumps & Penis Enhancers

The Purpose Of A Penis Pump

Typically plastic constructions, penis pumps incorporate manual/motorized pumping mechanisms engendering penile suction. The resultant vacuum effect engorges the penis with blood. When augmented with penis rings, they can treat erectile dysfunction by retaining intra-penile blood until ejaculation.

Diabetes, prostate cancer, injuries, or pharmacological side effects may precipitate erectile dysfunction via impaired penile blood flow/nervation. As vacuum erection devices, penis pumps effectively treat hematological conditions including sickle cell anemia, leukemia, and coagulopathies. Indeed, most erectile dysfunction proves treatable, commonly via improved penile circulation, encompassing these vacuum devices.

Beyond erectile dysfunction, penis pumps also treat Peyronie's disease, although pumps may cause pain for these patients, mandating physician consultation.

Although some utilize penis pumps for penile enlargement, gains remain limited, with any significant increases proving transient.

How To Use A Penis Pump

Consulting physicians before pump utilization remains imperative for appropriate education regarding proper use, ideal pump types, and relevant health considerations.

Before initial use, users must learn pump release valve operation to enable rapid pressure release when urgently needed.

Broadly, utilization involves cylinder insertion of the flaccid penis, airtight seal creation at the penile base, and pump actuation to generate suction. Five to 10 minutes often suffices to achieve desired outcomes. When supplemented with a penis ring, pumps can maintain erections for up to 30 minutes.

Most pumps incorporate manual bulb or trigger pumps to induce suction after cylinder insertion. Quick-release valves then enable vacuum release.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Effective treatments for erectile dysfunction, penile pumps generate firm erections enabling sexual activity. They also treat Peyronie’s disease and temporarily increase penile size marginally. However, substantial enlargement requires alternative approaches.

Why Do Most Penis Pumps Come with No Instructions?

As legally classified adult novelties rather than medical devices, most pumps manufactured by sex toy companies omit instructions to avoid regulatory requirements.

Penis Pump Safety & Warnings

  • Prudent pump use mandates avoiding prolonged suction, which risks capillary damage and tissue bruising with soreness for days and potential permanent injury. Initial short duration utilization with intervening normative blood flow facilitates cautious acclimation.
  • Physician consultation remains critical given the potential for erectile dysfunction to indicate additional underlying health conditions requiring evaluation, particularly by urologists for pump-specific concerns.
  • Pumping should cease immediately upon pain manifestation, which signals bodily distress.
  • Slow suction application prevents petechial spots from rapid pressure increases. Similarly, sustained pressure risks bruising.
  • Priapism exceeding four hours requires urgent medical intervention.
  • Gradual application and removal prevents injury.
  • Swelling, pain, or coldness necessitates immediate pump removal.
  • No more than 10-15 minutes of use per session is recommended.
  • Men with coagulation disorders, peripheral vascular disease, or neuropathic conditions should avoid pump use.
  • Adverse effects require physician evaluation.
  • Manufacturers can address device-specific queries.
  • Manufacturer guidance supersedes any conflicting third-party recommendations.
  • Improvised vacuum pumping elicits vessel rupture, bruising, and other traumas.

Penis Rings

Often utilized adjunctively with pumps, penis rings encompass constriction devices also known as cock rings.

Penis Traction

As an alternative to pumping, traction devices gently stretch the penile shaft, stimulating cellular division/multiplication and tissue growth to both enlarge the penis and improve erectile dysfunction alongside Peyronie’s disease.

Erectile Dysfunction

Those experiencing erectile dysfunction can reference our guides covering hollow/strap-on dildos and other remedial options.