Kegel Balls Sizing Guide

Measuring for Kegel balls is very different than for many other sex toys. Although these balls are small, you need to know your internal vaginal size since they are inserted inside.

There are a couple ways to determine your vaginal size:

  • Using tampons can indicate small, medium or large internal size. If small tampons move out of position, your vagina is likely medium to large.
  • One finger inside indicates a small vaginal size. Two fingers comfortably side by side means a medium size. More than two fingers indicates a larger vagina.

Kegel balls come in circumferences ranging from 2-3 inches for smaller sizes, up to 4-5 inches for larger varieties.

How to Measure Yourself for Kegel Balls

To determine your size for Kegel balls, you'll need a tape measure and your fingers.

Insert your fingers into your vagina to a depth that is comfortable for you, using lubricant if needed. Once inserted, measure across your fingers to find the width or diameter. Alternatively, you can wrap a soft measuring tape around your fingers to determine the circumference or girth.

This will provide your approximate vaginal size to help select the proper Kegel ball size for you.