Importing Adult Toys from China: A Comprehensive Guide

Considering a venture into the adult toy business within your country or region? The question arises: where should you source your wholesale products?

China is the answer.

While adult toys are sensitive products and importing them from China may differ from other products, this article will provide detailed guidance on the process.

The Rationale for Importing Adult Toys from China

High Production Capacity

China, as the world's largest producer of adult products, contributes to 70% of the global adult product market. As of February 2022, China hosts approximately 180,000 adult product-related businesses.

Competitive Pricing and Quality

China's adult product industry is characterized by intense competition and affordable labor, leading to low-cost, high-quality products. For instance, an adult toy named "Rose Toy" retails on Amazon for $30-$40, while its wholesale price in China is as low as $10, indicating a significant profit margin.

Diverse Product Range

China offers a broad spectrum of manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers, providing a wide array of adult toys. If you aim to establish a product brand to enhance profits and customer loyalty, China, with its low prices and excellent product customization capabilities, is an ideal choice.

Finding Adult Toy Manufacturers in China

Identifying an adult toy manufacturer in China involves exploring multiple channels, comparing various manufacturers before finalizing a deal.

Google Search

Google search is a straightforward method. Include keywords related to the product you need, such as manufacturer, wholesaler, factory, product order, OEM, etc. Analyze their websites, send inquiries via email, and make a decision based on their responses. This process requires contacting numerous manufacturers for comparison to identify reliable ones.

Chinese E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba, the largest e-commerce platform in China, allows online communication with manufacturers to quickly obtain product specifications and quotes. However, avoid choosing a manufacturer solely based on low price, as it often correlates with low quality. Therefore, requesting samples is a crucial step.

Other e-commerce platforms include Made-in-China, DHgate, AliExpress, each hosting numerous manufacturers.

Offline Wholesale Market

Visiting an offline wholesale market in China is an optimal way to find a manufacturer, as it eliminates middlemen and allows direct negotiation with the manufacturer. The Guangdong adult supplies wholesale market is China's largest, attracting buyers from all over the world.

China's Top Ten Wholesale Markets for Adult Products
Dongguan Dingfoo Plastic Products Co., Ltd (DINGFOO)- Dongguan
Shanghai Triumphal Arch Adult Wholesale Market - Shanghai
Beijing Shilihe Health Products Adult Products Wholesale Market - Beijing
Chengdu Wukuaishi Adult Products Wholesale Market - Chengdu
Wuhan Gutian Health Products Adult Products Wholesale Market - Wuhan
Jiaxing Zhongshan Health Products Market - Jiaxing
Guangzhou International Adult Products Wholesale Market - Guangzhou
Beijing Sunshine Health Commodity City - Beijing
Hunan Adult Products Wholesale Market - Changsha
Shandong Health Products Adult Products Wholesale Market - Jinan

Shipping Considerations for Adult Toys

Transportation Methods

Four primary shipping methods exist for exporting products from China:

Courier (DHL, UPS, FedEx): 3-8 days (China to the US, for example)

Sea freight: 25-40 days (China to the US, for example)

Rail: 40-60 days (China to Germany, for example)

Land transport: 20-40 days (China to Russia, for example)

Note that these are typical transportation times; actual speed depends on cargo congestion.

Shipping Billing Method

Regardless of the shipping method chosen, the shipping cost depends on the Chargeable Weight, which is the greater of the actual gross weight of the shipment or the volumetric weight. For instance, if a shipment weighs 10kg per box, and the carton size is 63*33*33 (CM), the shipping agent will calculate the weight as follows:

Gross weight: 10KG

Volume weight: 63*33*33/6000=11.4345KG

If the volumetric weight exceeds the gross weight, the Chargeable weight will be the volumetric weight, and they will charge for 12kg. Therefore, consider both the product's gross weight and the product's volume weight to save on shipping costs.

Required Shipping Documents

If the adult toys you import contain lithium batteries, such as most vibrating sex toys, you will need to provide the following documents:

*MSDS document (Material Safety Data Sheet)

*UN38.3 certification (from the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria for the Transport of Dangerous Goods, part 3, paragraph 38.3)

*Documents required by the shipping company (each company requires different documents)

If you're importing products into China for the first time, consider a freight forwarder or a manufacturer who can provide transport services to simplify the process.


Before importing adult toys from China, ensure your country/region permits the import of such products. Once regulations are clear, you can proceed with the next steps. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send me an email.