An Analysis of Leading Sex Toy Suppliers in the Asia-Pacific Region until 2023

Technavio, a large market research firm which publishes over two thousand studies annually covering more than five hundred technologies across eighty nations, recently released their findings on the top six vendors for the sex toy market in the Asia-Pacific region in their latest research report. This report also identifies an additional twenty-five prominent suppliers anticipated to contribute to market growth between 2023 and 2027. To determine the leading providers, Technavio's analysts took into account revenue generated from both online and brick-and-mortar retail sales of sex toys such as vibrators, artificial penises, vibrating cock rings, and other products.

Drawing on synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of data regarding the APAC sex toy industry gathered from specialized sources, this particular Technavio study focuses on health and wellness. Insights were derived using a blend of primary and secondary research with the objective of providing a holistic overview of the market. The analysts considered revenue accrued through direct retail sales and distribution channels to identify the top performers until 2023.

Competitive Landscape in the Sex Toys Market of the Asia-Pacific Region

The sex toys market exhibits a high degree of fragmentation in the Asia-Pacific region owing to the presence of numerous vendors within the sector. New entrants continue entering the market due to its rapid growth and substantial opportunities. This trend is anticipated to persist throughout the projected period. Intense competition exists between these suppliers, spurring continuous product innovation in recent years. Vendors compete based on factors including price, quality, novel features, services provided, reputation, distribution channels, and promotional activities. While leading brands maintain a worldwide footprint, an increasing number of new players originate from China.

As noted by Technavio analyst Abhay Sinha, "Emerging 3D printing technology now enables suppliers to offer unparalleled customization, a primary purchase consideration for sex toys. Rapid 3D printing advances additionally facilitate home fabrication. Selected online marketplaces allow consumers to design custom vibrators and dildos for downloading or streaming to personal 3D printers. This technology similarly makes it possible to digitally configure and receive an anonymously manufactured 3D printed vibrator directly from the producer." The rise of such innovations indicates further disruption expected across this dynamic competitive environment.

Top six vendors in the sex toys market space in APAC


Dingfoo is a prominent Chinese company specializing in the design, manufacture, and worldwide distribution of adult goods. Headquartered in China, Dingfoo offers a wide variety of male toys, female toys, and customizable intimate items. The enterprise emphasizes stringent quality control and pioneering designs to satisfy evolving customer needs and desires. Their inventory undergoes rigorous production standards to deliver pleasing sensations through refined engineering. As a top industrial supplier, Dingfoo has attained high acclaim within the sector for dependable contract manufacturing services including sex toy factory solutions and private label manufacturing support. Dingfoo's expertise encompasses all aspects of concept development, production, and distribution to consistently meet client specifications.


Ansell is a prominent international manufacturer known for its innovative offerings across hand protection, apparel, and intimate wellness. Through extensive R&D efforts, the company continuously develops novel business concepts and refines current lines. Over the past three years, Ansell has launched over 100 new products. The enterprise operates manufacturing, packaging, and sales facilities worldwide, including locations in Malaysia, Portugal, Brazil, Thailand, India, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, the United States, and Mexico.

Ansell markets several acclaimed sexual health brands such as His and Hers pleasure massagers and a:muse bullet vibrators. Additionally, the company provides a:muse V-Rings for enhanced intimacy. With a diverse portfolio and global footprint, Ansell represents a major player in both protective solutions and sexuality products. Its commitment to innovation further strengthens Ansell's leadership across multiple health-oriented markets.

BMS Factory

BMS Factory is a manufacturer and distributor of adult novelty items. The company is renowned for its utilization of proprietary PowerBullet technology in product development. Many BMS Factory solutions are water-resistant, rechargeable, and powered by customized PowerBullet motors. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, BMS Factory operates 11 retail stores and a warehouse alongside a manufacturing plant in China. It maintains distributor relationships worldwide including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, and the US.

Notable BMS Factory brands include the rechargeable PalmPower massager, replaceable PalmCaps for customization, and various massager heads like PalmBliss and PalmSensual to optimize pleasure. The company embraces innovation through intuitive designs and standalone accessories, establishing its reputation at the forefront of adult novelty manufacturing.

Church & Dwight

Church & Dwight is a leading fast-moving consumer goods company involved in developing, manufacturing, and distributing a wide array of household, personal care, and specialty products. The organization partners with the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University to conduct national research on vibrator usage among American adults. Church & Dwight applies these insights toward innovating new offerings.

Under its Trojan Vibrations brand, Church & Dwight provides a variety range of intimate massagers including the Twister, Tri-Phoria, Pulse, Multi-Thrill, bullet, and mini vibrating models. With decades of experience and distribution scale within the FMCG sector, Church & Dwight leverages extensive consumer behavior data and scientific collaborations to advance the sexual wellness category. The company remains at the forefront of vibrant growth within intimate self-care tools.

Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson specializes in designing and manufacturing fine pleasure accessories and intimate novelties. The company exports its varied lineup directly to Asia-Pacific nations such as India, China, and Japan or through other e-commerce marketplaces. Doc Johnson markets innovative offerings under esteemed brands like American Bombshell, Oralove, Black Rose, CANDiLAND, Ball Deep, Good Head, Glo, Crystal Jellies, iVibe Select, James Deen Black and Blue, Lucid Dream, Super Hung Heroes, Mood, Noches Latinas, Pocket Rocket, Optimale, Platinum Premium Silicone, Vac-u-lock, School of Doc, The Realistic Cocks, Titanmen, and Wonderland.

Some of Doc Johnson's most popular products consist of the reimagined Double Duty, American Bombshell Blast-Plug, extra sized Platinum - The Stretch Large, dual vibrator Mood Lust, and Mood Double Naughty.


LELO markets pleasurable lifestyle accessories under the LELO and PicoBong brands. The company's portfolio encompasses bedroom enhancements, personal massagers dubbed "pleasure objects," massage oils, and soy-based candles. LELO manufactures all items internally and distributes to over 40 global markets, such as Singapore and Japan within the Asia-Pacific region.

Notable LELO massagers in the range include the MONA Wave, SORAYA, MONA 2, ISLA, ELISE 2, GIGI 2, and LIV 2. With a reputation for elegant design and silky materials, LELO sets the standard for upscale intimacy tools.

Other major players in the sector involve Bremed, EmsiG, iHealth, Jawon, KERN, Marsden, Mediagate, Medisana, Microlife, Qardio, and Withings. However, LELO maintains its position at the forefront through sustained innovation and luxury brand image.