5 Ways to Make Your Penis Feel Bigger

Let her feel your full potential

It is not uncommon for men to harbor wishes for a larger penis. However, despite the allure of various enlargement methods available on the internet, such as special massage techniques or pills, these methods are largely ineffective. Physical enhancement of the penis is an elusive dream, notwithstanding attempts to achieve this through grooming, weight management or strategic photography.

Although it may be impossible to physically extend the length of the penis, the hardness can be improved through devices such as cock rings, exercises like kegels, or use of a penis pump. Beyond physical modifications, it's worth noting that there are numerous strategies to enhance the sexual experience and create the perception of a larger penis.

Pick Positions With More Depth

The perceived length of the penis can be significantly affected by the depth of penetration achieved during intercourse. Hence, adopting sexual positions that allow for deeper penetration can create the illusion of a larger penis. Positions such as certain variations of missionary, spooning, and doggy style are ideal in this regard.

Use a Wedge

Utilizing a sex wedge not only makes sex more comfortable but also facilitates deeper penetration, creating the illusion of a longer penis. The wedge tilts the woman's pelvis, pushing her legs back and providing better angles for penetration, thus enhancing the overall sexual experience.

Give Her Cervical Orgasms

While G-spot orgasms are wonderful, cervical orgasms offer a more intense, internal sensation, contributing to the perception of a longer penis. These orgasms require a highly aroused state and careful stimulation to avoid discomfort. Achieving cervical orgasms necessitates adequate penis size to reach the right spot. When achieved, the depth of this orgasm creates the impression of a larger penis.

Pull Her Into You

During intercourse, especially when using positions like doggy style, adding an additional maneuver can greatly enhance the sensation of depth. This can be achieved by firmly gripping her sides and pulling her body towards you, which, in addition to intensifying the act, allows for deeper penetration, enhancing the perception of a larger penis.

Show Some Cock Confidence

While confidence does not physically alter the size of the penis, it certainly influences its perceived size. It's important to remember that men tend to focus on penis size more than women. Consequently, if a man is self-conscious about his size, it negatively affects the overall sexual experience. Confidence in the penis size and in how it's used can make it seem larger, creating a more pleasurable experience for the woman.

Fuck Her Right

Size isn't the ultimate measure of sexual satisfaction. Instead of obsessing over size, the focus should be on how to use the penis effectively. This includes utilizing her favorite sexual positions, stimulating her clitoris while thrusting, and expressing enthusiasm. These techniques, coupled with confidence, can create the perception of an impressive penis, regardless of its actual size.

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